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Boldon Colliery - West Boldon - East Boldon - South Boldon - Photographs

Within this site we include local family history which will help bring together all who are interested in family history research, to help in the preservation and indexing of local genealogical records. Adverts in 1948.

Sinking of Boldon Pit

Photograph showing the "Sinkers", the men who dug the shaft
  in Boldon Colliery.

Womens labour section

 Photo taken circa 1950.   The three ladies on the left are two Christeloe sisters and a Mrs. Reay. (I am told)  other members may be able to throw more light - I believe they were away visiting -possibly Durham.

Group photos of the community. Do you recognise anyone or do you know what the photograph depicts  - follow >>>>

Members of The Boldons History Society in the Grey Horse , East Boldon, January 2009.

Recently Added
Feb 2011 St Nicholas Church. West Boldon
Feb 2011 Scotts House West Boldon
Feb 2011 Boldon Hall West Boldon
Feb 2011 Black Horse Inn West Boldon
Feb 2011 Early Mining - the beginning
Feb 2011 Sacred Heart Church
Sept 2011 Boldon Lawn Tennis Club
Photograph published March 2010 1958 Boldon Village Cricket Team trip tp Berwick.

East Boldon Boy Scouts
Red Wall Boldon

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