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Boldon Hall, situated in West Boldon Village was once a fine house, built in 1709 by William Fawcett of West Boldon, Gent who died the 23rd May in the year of our Lord 1716, and in the 44th year of his life. He is buried in West Boldon Churchyard.

Many of the rooms in the house were panelled in oak and due to vandalism much of it has been destroyed. Recently the house has been occupied and much work has been done to restore it. The Arms of the Fawcetts were over the front door.  In 1922, the then occupiers decided to re-roof the house and during the work it was found that the original tiles were fixed to the rafters with nails made from sharpened sheep bones. During excavating work at the rear of the house, in preparation for building Redcar Terrace - about 60 years ago, a number of skeletons were discovered, believed to be an old Quaker burial ground.

Boldon Hall was restored in 1939 by a local antiquarian Mr. Nicholson of Sunderland but as already mentioned was damaged whilst unoccupied.

This information above was taken from a very old book owned by John Kirton, sadly the author is unknown.

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