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Hill Top House in West Boldon

Hill Top House

This photograph has been sent to me by  Margaret Davison which was sent to her by a  lady in France.   Her great aunt, Edith Leonard, lived in Hill Top House before and after her marriage to Thomas Reed, an Accountant in Sunderland.   The photo was taken in the 1920's.   Various branches of the Leonard family lived in the Boldon's then.   One of the best known being Lizzie Leonard who lived in East View, West Boldon,  who was quite a character.   (Her neice, who also lived in East View, was Miss May Charlton, teacher, who bequethed the Uhtred of Boldon stained glass window to St. Nicholas Church here in the village in recent years

Remember Milk Tokens
from the Co-op.

Red Wall Boldon

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