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Scotts House , second oldest building in Boldon is a short distance from West Boldon on the Newcastle road. Scots House is mentioned as long ago as 1381, when Richard Hedworth died possessed of Scottes House on Boldon Moor.

The tenure of the house was passed on to William, son of Gilbert of Boldon. The Coles of Gateshead became its owners in 1617, and later in 1658, came into the possession of Henry Maddison, and from him to the Hudson family followed by the Wades.

It was later occupied  by Hugh Lee Pattison, founder of the Washington Chemical Co. and  later tenanted by George Charlton who farmed the surrounding land. The house stood empty for a short while but is now occupied, being converted into flats.

Little of the original building is now standing, the oldest part of the present structure dates to about 1620 and the whole is a mixture of restoration and alteration spread over the last 300 years. The house is still a fine looking mansion although blackened by age and stands on the south side of the main road at West Boldon.
At the entrance to the drive leading up to the house is a gate cottage which, up to the last century was a toll cottage because the Newcastle -Sunderland road was private and all traffic had to pay toll to pass.

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