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Red Wall West Boldon
Taken on February 21st 2010
You will have noticed that The Red Wall has recently been demolished.   The bricks have been taken away for cleaning and it is planned to use them again to rebuild the wall.   Passions have run high about this wall - many thought we were about to lose it and felt it was part of the history of the area.   However since it has been cleared a new dimension has been added to the area liking the two villages.   Suddenly we have an open aspect showing the grassed area and mature trees which has always been hidden by The Wall making the journey rural and pretty.   Now many, who were formerly passionate about retaining the wall, are having second thoughts.   We all have an opportunity, whilst the bricks are being cleaned, to further consider this area.
The Councillors have a dilemma having been under much pressure to secure the means to rebuild it and are now facing those who are for and those against having it rebuilt.   They would like to know how and why and when the Wall was built in the first place.  
Red Wall Boldon
 Probably built around 1920 and possibly had something to do with the breaking through of the road at the top of West Boldon Bank  and its improvement and widening which I believe happened about then and just before the Addison Road, houses were built.   The Red Wall, until the 1950's when the Hardie Drive estate was built,  was flanked by fields on both sides of the road and it is understood that the farm land was owned by the Gibsons of East Boldon.   It seems to have always been the responsibility of Boldon Urban District Council and latterly South Tyneside.
It has also been suggested that this may give the village the opportunity to have its own village Hall using the red wall bricks if it is decided by the community that this may be the time to do it.

What do you think?  Please let us know.

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