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Dot Gibson
Boldon Colliery Workmens War Memorial Medal

Boldon Colliery War Medal

Alf Foster Medal

This is a  fantastic example of the medal presented to our local hero's on their return to Boldon from the Great War.This one clearly shows it was presented to Alf Foster. We,d love to have more information from Alfs family.
Photograph from John Kirton.

As a result of a fantastic response for information on Boldon Heritage Day in August 2009 we now have quite a lot of information.

Boldon Heritage Day

The turnout on the day was fantastic ( picture left ) and thoroughly enjoyable.

Thank you for the information kindly given us . Without this support this website would not be what it is today.

Ration Book cover

Ration book cover - Walter Wilsons.

Occupation Certificate

Issued to men engaged on Admiralty or in the War Office. Some other occupations ( key workers in particular ) were also scheduled as  protected such as those required in munitions work. Army Form W.3476A.

National Registration Act

George Riddle's certificate of National Registration

Initially men were recruited into the army on a voluntary basis after Field Marshal Lord Kitchener asked for volunteers to increase the size of the British Army. Although many volunteered, the number required fell well short of the target. So on 15th July 1915, the government passed the National Registration Act.

  In October 1915, Lord Derby was appointed Director General of Recruiting . This was more commonly known as the Derby Scheme but in reality it was a halfway house to the conscription that started in 1916.

East Boldon Boy Scouts
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